MSOD provides manufacturing solutions ranging from specific support to the turnkey management of your projects, with or without research.

For assembly equipment
  • Prototype welding methods, manual and robotised
For production of machined parts
  • Wire, laser, water-jet or electro-erosion cutting using conventional or digital machines, depending on your plans
For electricity and automation

Realization / creation of electric diagram

  • Cabinet wiring
  • Installation debugging / PLC programming

Robot program creation

  • Setting up automated robot dialogue
For surface treatment
  • Anodizing, burnishing, chrome plating, electro-galvanizing.

Based on standard elements, our product makes it possible to realize easily and economically solutions:

  • Light
  • Fast and economical study
  • Modular and flexible
  • Rapid assembly and debugging
  • Simple maintenance and low cost

For many applications:


  • Manual or robotic handling
  • Palletizing / depalletizing
  • Line edge layout
  • 300m² Assembly hall
  • 300 m² Preparation hall
  • 1200 m² machining
  • Welding hall
  • Pre assembly hall
  • Digital milling machine / traditional (conventional)
  • Digital / traditional tower (conventional)
Technical assistance

As partners in your development, we can offer you technical assistance solutions by providing qualified staff, from designers to site foremen.